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Being a new start-up Party Plan company we were seeking the best-of-the-best for our consulting A-Team. When it came time for legal counsel on making sure we were doing everything right, Kevin's name was presented to us by other members of our consulting team, telling us he was the best...and they were right! From the first minute Kevin was right there with us, literally day and night, as we had some deadlines we wanted to meet. Always cool, always professional, and always one-step ahead...that's Kevin. Most importantly to us, Kevin speaks English, not legalese! That was extremely refreshing and helped move things along smoothly and without some of the usual stress that can come with dealing with legal counsel. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking for an attorney who knows the direct selling market and makes working through the legal issues painless.

Victor Macchia
VP of Sales and Marketing, Jillian Chase

Kevin Thompson Esq. is a GOD send! He is my hero. When we came to Kevin, we had a great idea and concept but we needed some serious legal advice in order to have our best chance to be successful. Kevin is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the mlm and direct sales space. He has helped me and my team tremendously by being responsive, thorough, and one of the few mlm attorneys left out there that actually really cares about you. I would highly recommend him to everybody I know, that's serious about being successful in this business. Thanks a million Kevin!

Robert Terell
President, KonQuest

Kevin brings a wealth of experience to the E³ team. It’s a rare find to have someone who understands both the legal and business issues to help us succeed. His advice pertaining to direct sales and referral marketing has been invaluable.

Andy Badolato
CEO, E3 Corporation

Kevin is one of the best communicators, written and verbal, I’ve come across and I’ve always felt being good at both is nearly impossible. He also has the uncanny ability to break down complicated issues into understandable pieces so they can then be more easily evaluated. And as a lawyer he is very good at communicating complicated legal issues so the lay person can follow without needing broad legal knowledge. I’ve always appreciated that about him. He’s a valuable asset to any team.

Robert Cassidy
CIO, Signature Management Team

Kevin helped us put our corporate documents in place and walked us through everything from soup to nuts. In addition, he is a consummate mediator and has helped us through several complex contract negotiations. Definitely someone you want on your side in all things MLM! He came highly recommended by a friend, and I'm happy to pass the recommendation on to any and all I know.

Atticus Killough
President, Cash Texts

Kevin and I competed on the Track team. He quickly became a leader on the team and was a major contributor to the National Championship that Tennessee earned. He's a leader, a do'er. Kevin is someone I would trust both personally and professionally. He's one of the most solid all around guys - I think most people who know him would say the same.

Matt Dewalt

In real estate development, it's not a matter of if complex legal situations will occur, it's when. And when they do, we only turn to Thompson Burton PLLC. With substantial capital at risk, strategy, thoroughness, and timeliness are just a few of the elements that have to be flawless in execution. Time and time again, Thompson Burton delivers, exceeds expectations, and is a chief partner in our company's continued growth and success.

Pantheon Development

Kevin was fantastic. We have a referral program so didn't think the MLM laws applied as such to us. Kevin helped us understand what we could claim. He hit every deadline he committed. He gaveus extra help beyond what was promised once he saw our distribution model. He thought out of the box to draft policies and procedures etc that matched our new business model. He helped us understand the applicable law but clearly demonstrated a sound understanding of our business' needs. Kevin referred me to other great attorneys for patent work etc., Further, he was an absolute gentleman. Very respectful and great to work with. I would say it was easily the best experience working with an attorney that i have ever had.

Danny Mason
Co-Funder, Go GungHo

Kevin Thompson's service to our company was more than we expected. The whole process was excellent and we look forward to working with Kevin for years to come.

Eric Gleaton
Co-Funder, Vonumental

I was researching MLM attorneys and I came upon Kevin Thompson's name. I spoke with four other MLM attorneys besides Kevin, but I almost knew immediately he was the person I was looking to work with. I spoke with Kevin several times before we began working together, and every time I spoke with him he was pleasant and friendly. When Kevin had an opinion of something he believed should be changed in my business he was honest, and straight with me. Kevin was extremely efficient in his assessment of my company, and quickly figured out what I was trying to achieve. He was fast, helpful, and made me feel as though I had someone on my side that knew what they were talking about. Thank you Kevin! It has, and will continue to be a pleasure working with you.

Sonny Martell
President, MePower

I worked with Kevin on a compensation plan project and was most impressed with his professionalism, his expertise in the direct selling industry, and his work ethic. I would recommend him to anybody as an effective attorney in the direct selling industry.

Dan Jensen

Kevin by far is the most attentive Lawyer ever. I would you him for everything out business needed if I could. Kevin is there for you 24/7. One time he called me back same day when he was in South American. THE BEST period!!!

Milton Ault

Kevin Thompson leaves an impression. Be it because he is sociable, intelligent, confident or all of the above, Kevin is sure to be remembered even after one meeting. And I am proud not only to have worked with Kevin, but also to call him my friend.

Chris McCarty

The Direct Sales/Network Marketing/MLM Industry from all aspects and angles is a most difficult one to navigate through. And, like in all industries you have the "good guys" and the "bad guys" to filter through in an effort to reach your goals. I am very grateful to have met Kevin so early in the game. He has mentored and advised me from the outset when my business was just a thought in my head. That advice is priceless in an industry such as this. The scrutiny that we are all under, and the potential legal changes that are on the horizon, I am very thankful to have Kevin and his MLM business acumen in my corner. Thank you Kevin for everything you have done for me personally and for this great Industry!

Mitch Buchwalter

Kevin and I have worked together on a number of my projects. Kevin is a man of integrity and quite frankly, they just don't come much better. He brings his best to the table in everything he does. If I needed help with anything, Kevin was available. In the rare situation when I was not able to reach him, he replied to my messages within 24 hours. Kevin and I had the opportunity to be speakers at the grand opening of Moringo Organics in India. It was a great opportunity to get to know him on a personal level. If you're looking for someone to represent your company, Kevin brings more than his legal expertise to the table. He made himself available to a host of issues faced by the company. His experience and contributions were invaluable. With Kevin, we got more than a lawyer, we got a seasoned partner. I personally will be using Kevin on any and all my projects going forward. Thank You Kevin for not only being a great attorney but a friend as well.

Robert James
Moringo Organics

I cannot say enough about Cathy and her paralegal Jackie. I was 100% in survival mode whenever I contacted them and was instantly put at ease with my initial consultation call with Jackie. Unlike a few other lawyers I contacted, Cathy and Jackie both recognized the human side of divorce and were not just trying to make money. I felt safe and seen which is exactly what I needed. Although Cathy had some hesitation with my final decisions, she honored my requests completely giving me autonomy in such a difficult situation. This was very empowering for me in my healing process. Cathy’s professional and compassionate demeanor were crucial to put me at ease the day of my divorce. I am so grateful to have found such amazing humans to represent me in the most difficult time of my life. Writing this a year later I have to say my life is absolutely incredible. Thank you Cathy and Jackie for all of your help in making that happen.

Ken Stewart
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