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Thompson Burton remains at the forefront of policy discussions and legislative developments in Tennessee.

Our lawyers and lobbyists play a crucial role in establishing relationships with key policymakers, lobbying for favorable legislation, and promoting Thompson Burton’s client service in Tennessee State, county and local markets.

By strategically contributing to election campaigns, Thompson Burton Political Action Committee (TB PAC) affords access to decision-makers and contributes to shaping the legislative agenda in order to amplify their impact and effectively advocate for our clients’ interests.

Our team of attorneys leverage deep relationships with Middle Tennessee public servants and includes, Emily Lamb, Alex Dickerson and Morgan Hartgrove, who are registered local lobbyists in Tennessee and frequently advocate for Thompson Burton clients before Middle Tennessee local and county officials:

8/1/23 Transportation Committee Meeting 
8/15/23 Metro Council Meeting 

With Thompson Burton, our clients invest in leadership in local government. In order to contribute to TB PAC via debit/credit card or ACH
click here. To contribute by other means, please contact Thompson Burton.

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