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Direct Selling Edge Part Deux!

Kevin Thompson

The Direct Selling Edge conference for MLM startups is back! After a very successful conference in September, we've done the impossible by adding even more content to an already stuffed agenda. Check out what attendees said after our last event below. The event kicks off on Thursday, March 8th in Las Vegas. I'd love to see you there and meet you. The details of the conference can be found on our main page here. At this event, we're very pleased to announce three new speakers! MLM Consulting firm, Launch Smart, will be with us teaching about important systems for customer support, operations and distributor education / retention. As the 2010 DSA partnership award recipient, we're delighted to have them on board. The value David Taylor and Terrel Transtrum bring to the attendees will be well-worth the cost of admission.

We've also added MLM software guru, Mel Atwood, from Mel brings an incredible level of commitment, energy and passion to his work for MLM clients. Whether he's serving as the Vice President at the Association of Network Marketing Professionals or adding value as a fellow DSA supplier member, Mel's activity inside and outside of his software firm adds tremendous value to the industry.

At our conference, we're covering many advanced principles in creating and launching a network marketing business, guaranteed! If you're skeptical, check out what people said after the last one.

Some testimonials

  • Definitely worth the money. As a matter of fact, after 30 minutes, I think I got my money's worth. I found out that my business plan was not legal and by the end of this, I've learned all the tools and information to make this work. It's a really good program. Zach Taylor
  • Thank you for the most crucial information supporting my Party Plan Business. This 2 day class was exactly what I needed! Great job by everyone! Absolutely every aspect of my business was covered. Thank you again. Cheryl Wollrab
  • I was amazed at the information. I thought it was going to be a broad stroke event to get you with different vendors. I was very surprised to see all of the targetted topics, how in depth they went into discussing very important issues, for anyone whose considering getting into the MLM business as a startup company. Mike Duke

At the end of each day, from 5 until 8 pm, you'll have the the opportunity to meet with conference speakers for 30 minute appoints at no additional cost! Add the six hours up and you're easily walking away with over $1,000 worth of consultation.

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    . Information is the only asset separating you from your competitors. If you're not satisfied with the program, we're offering a 100% guarantee, no questions asked. Join us and we look forward to meeting you. Our agenda is loaded with information specifically chosen to advance your business. Check out the
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Some more testimonials

  • It's been a very good conference really on the nuts and bolts of trying to figure out how to turn a company into an MLM. I think these people are very talented and knowledgeable and will really help you to build your business and help you to move forward. Susan Averett
  • Jay, Kevin and all other other speakers provided us with great information, in-depth, thorough, and painted a perfect picture for us so that we have a good sense of what we're getting into. I want to thank all of them for their time, their effort, and for providing myself and my wife with the information that we need to go forward with our company and make it grow. Thanks a lot. Stanley Chang
  • As a former distributor, as a board member for a large network marketing company, as now an owner of a network marketing company myself, this conference has been extremely helpful. Great speakers, great content, A to Z, everything that you need to know as a startup. Brad Doyle
  • Attending the DS Edge was different from any other MLM conference I had been to before. I've been to other conferences, They try to sell you services, they do give you information, but the difference with this one was we actually left with actual steps, tasks we can take, things we can get done to make sure we are successful, so I highly recommend it. It was a great use of time. Bethanie Nonami

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